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Screen Printing

We live and breathe high-quality screen printing and exceptional service.

The Process

Screen printing is a unique process in which ink is moved through mesh to the material of a garment, according to a design made with the help of a blocking stencil.

A squeegee blade is moved across a screen to fill the open areas of the stencil with ink. This is called a flood stroke.

The print stroke then causes the ink to be pushed through the stencil along a pre-determined line of contact, bringing the design to life on the fabric.

Only one colour is printed at a time, but several screens can be used to create a design of multiple colours.

Benefits of Screen Printing

  • High quality print
  • Durable over time
  • Ability to print on many substrates
  • Good for large runs
  • Exact colour matching using PMS
  • Timeless

Examples of our screen printing work

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